Entry #4


2014-08-23 13:57:25 by aobomb

well, me and arvstar are working on a little animation called CandyClown. its part of a little something we are getting ready for artfest in october. gently click below to check on some of the work in progress


arvin and i have distictly different styles in rendering which is lending itself to a lot of exploration as to how to combine them and still produce a homogenous finished work.


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2014-09-01 17:17:59

I gave your character demo a 5 just to be safe, but generally, the Portal isn't too kind on tests and demos. Also, smokers usually smoke underhand, check 'em out (as very few public buildings allow smoking anymore). Looks great, try not to do the out of focus stuff unless there's depth movement, or you're just starting a scene. Best of luck gentlemen!

aobomb responds:

i appreciate it! i've received good direction as to where to be posting WIPs and things that aren't ready to be viewed, but need critiques.
I appreciate the the score and the critiques even more!
thanks for taking the time to comment