2014-08-23 13:57:25 by aobomb

well, me and arvstar are working on a little animation called CandyClown. its part of a little something we are getting ready for artfest in october. gently click below to check on some of the work in progress


arvin and i have distictly different styles in rendering which is lending itself to a lot of exploration as to how to combine them and still produce a homogenous finished work.

its not christmas anymore

2014-02-16 04:49:36 by aobomb

might as well update the ol NG post..seeing as how i have a computer with internets again...i also uploaded a little animation...somewhere down there, you can click on it...


worked on lots of traditional stuff this time around...mostly sketches...look at it here

markers and water colors

warm fuzzy christmas feels

2013-11-29 14:35:21 by aobomb

its almost christmas and to commemorate i'm making some cards. i'm trying to convey all my happy holiday feelings...all my favorite things...mmmm...if your interested you can check them out here

i'll be making more...just you wait

all this right here...

2013-09-10 09:56:10 by aobomb

september has been a little busy... two back-to-back exhibits one of which we(little red liar) are organizing and otherwise just trying to get new pieces completed on top of commissions. I'll post the completed pieces once the events are over...regardless if you want to see them or not...I"M FORCING THEM ONTO YOU!
or in the meantime you can waste your time looking at something i did that wasnt illustration: shameless self promotion